Wuxing Announced New Compound

January 19th, 2080

In the light of all of the recent attacks, Wuxing has announced that they have made a break through in a compound for the hmhvv. They are saying that it is a strain III inhibitor. The break through happened yesterday after one of their researchers had a eureka moment and figured out something about aztechnologies strain II inhibitor and why it doesn't work on strain III. Dr. Ricard, a local professor at Mile High University, gave us a call and had this to say on the matter.

"The research wuxing is claiming came from one of their researchers sounds a lot like a research paper I am working on for the university. Until the exact research is released or the compound is sold I won't be able to say for sure. However if this turns out to be true, wuxing will be hearing from the universities lawyers."

When asked to comment on this statment wuxing did not respond. If we get a response from wuxing in the coming days we will update you the readers.

Wallace Thomas attacked

January 18th, 2080

Yesterday, while everyone's eyes were on Hudson, Wallace Thomas was attacked. Thomas was on a business trip to the FRFZ when he was attacked in a parking garage near the spiritech building near bolder. Like the last personal attack, Mr. Thomas managed to deffend himself and came out with only minor scratches. Mr. Thomas had this to say on it

"It was very strange when I was walking towards my car I heard what sounded like a pack of wild animals. That was when the sound got closer, I noticed it was ghouls so I pulled out my knife incase I couldn't make it to the top floor fast enough and had to fight some off. I got lucky though, their numbers were so great that they had trouble getting up the stairs. When ZDF arrived the ghouls were gone, and there was barely any trace of them."

It seems that these ghouls are taking bigger and bigger risks, to attack in the daylight like this is strange. The ZDF are reporting that they are finding evidence of only 3 ghouls, and are suspecting someone was using illusion magic on Mr. Thomas to confuse him. If anyone has any leads on who is behind these attacks they are to contact the ZDF tip line at DEN-0933

Fear the Dark claiming attacks!?

January 17th, 2080

Fear the Dark is claiming responsibility for the attacks on both the draco foundation employee and the church in Hudson. The claim comes hours after the attack in Hudson was dealt with and stopped. There is no word on whether there are any markings in the church or at the estate to fear the dark, which is their normal call sign. The ZDF is taking the claim seriously though and is looking into all known fear the dark agents that may be in the area.

Hudson Church turned

January 17th, 2080

Reports are coming in that a small church in Hudson, FRFZ has been turned to ghouls and other strains of HMHVV. The ZDF has been sent out to deal with the situation, however the reports are saying that they have lost about a dozen men to the infected. A local organization that deals with the HMHVV professionally has been called in to deal with the situation. We will update you later with more information on the attack.

Update: After the arrival of the local organization, their team made quick work of the vampire outbreak. The outbreak is contained and there is now an investigation into the exact cause of the outbreak

Local Estate attacked by ghouls?

January 15th, 2080

An Estate owned by a local who has lived here since the awakening was attacked last night. The estate belonged to a free drake who is known for helping the Draco foundation with artifact collection. Ghostwalker is denying any and all responsibility for the attack itself; although he is taking responsibility for the failure of the drakes safety, claiming "any free drake working for the draco foundation and living in the FRFZ is supposed to have the security level equal to his own drakes". The Police report that is released by the ZDF states that the estate was attacked by what appears to be an army of ghouls. The estate owner, an ork who calls herself Blitz, told us that the ghouls were led by a pair of vampires. She was able to kill both vampires, however she came out of the attack with a few scratches from the incident. The estate is currently being cleaned up by ZDF and front range disease control forces. There are rewards out for information on the attack ranging from 100 to 10,000 nuyen in value. Contact the ZDF at DEN-1933.

Ball attack an Inside Job?

January 2nd, 2080

We have received a tip that the attack that took place at the installation of the new ball may have been an inside job. The tip doesn't say whether it was someone inside ZDF that was heading it up or whether it was someone inside of the company that was hired to design the ball. We have reached out to Colonel Bennet of the Zone Defense Force for comment on the matter but have not received any word back from him. We are looking into the tip for any new leads as to who the tip was talking about, if you have any information contact us with more information.

Fight over New "Ball"

December 31st, 2079

During the installation of the new "ball too drop at midnight, the install team came under attack from a a couple hundred people in the crowd watching. The Artist Yuri Popov managed to finish attaching the "ball" before the attack started and managed to flee during the attack. Two other members of the install crew were not so lucky though, and were found dead on top of Union Station after the attack. Their death was a tragic one as it seems a few stray rounds from the fire fight down below. Their names were Franz Oberhauser and Takahashi Himura of the Amala Animatronics Corporation. The ZDF are looking into their next of kin to let them know of the tragedy that happened just two days ago.

City Says, "New Look" To New Year’s Ball

December 27th, 2079

Before Christmas Ghostwalker released a statement that with the new year coming he was going to have a new "Ball" to be dropped at midnight to continue the tradition of the world and its new year celebration. This new ball is said to be arriving during the week of Christmas and will be put up on top of Union Station where the previous one was. This one is said to be bigger and based on the height of the tower on Union Station, be much taller as well. The work was done by a UCAS native name Yuri Popov, with the trouble Ghostwalker has had with him choosing artists for tasks lately he hired out to a company that specializes in animatronics, Amala Animatronics Corp. From what we have found on the company, they have been known for making animatronics that hangs on display in the world’s mall, and in the old NeoNET archology in St. Louis. We will have to wait and see what the new "ball" looks like.

Johnny Spinrad calls 2080 The Year of Spinrad,” has 365 days of celebration planned

Johnny Spinrad, CEO of Spinrad Global, announced to be the newest member of the Corporate Court. He is replacing Richard Villers who was CEO of NeoNET. After NeoNET was charged with being at fault for Boston, Villers was removed from the Corporate Court (CC). Since Villers is one of the founding members of the court, he has what many call a golden ticket. This means that he can not be completely removed from the court, the court only ruled that he could not be on the court for 10 years. This is where Spinrad comes in, we have sources saying that after Villers left the court room he met with Spinrad and leased his seat to Spinrad for 10 years. This deal between the two turned out to be a legal move by Villers and thus put Spinrad on the court and turned Spinrad Global from a AA mega to a AAA mega overnight. Spinrad later made a press release about the change in classification for Spinrad.

“With the new classification of Spinrad global to AAA just before the years end, this will make 2080 the year of Spinrad. We will be expanding in many locations and these expansions will see job growth for the local population”

We will have to see where this goes in the coming year and see if 2080 really is the year of Spinrad or if Johnny Spinrad is just blowing smoke like all of the other AAA mega CEOs do

NeoNET is down

December 4th, 2079

After the events of Boston lockdown NeoNET is in big trouble, Erika and Novatech pulled out of the merged mega that was NeoNET. This left only Villers at the helm when he took the fall for Boston. Villers and what remains of NeoNET were taken to court by the UCAS who wanted them to make a disaster relief fund consisting of hundreds of billions of nuyen as well as kicking villers off of the corporate court. This is the first time Villers has ever not been on the court since its founding. He is not allowed to take his seat back for 10 years. He leased the seat out to Spinrad Global, which is some how within his right still after this ruling. This means we will have 10 years of Spinrad global on the court as the replacement for NeoNET as a AAA corp. This will be interesting.

Jeanne's Wireless Outdoors Speaker Review

Upon opening the box for this speaker, it is not something to take lightly. The thing weighs almost more than I do, with a weight of 100 kg measuring in at 75x26x24 cm it is not small either. However with its two 25 cm speakers with inlayed 12cm speakers it certainly can make some noise. When in testing the speakers can get up to 110dB easily with no crackling. This deffinitly holds up to the claim that it is as loud as a concert speaker. If this is what she is putting out currently, we can't wait to see what she will be putting out in the future.

Local corp expanding

A local matrix company is expanding and creating stores all around the Denver area. Jeanne's Tasteful Matrix Estate has bought 10 buildings and says they expect all stores to be open by the end of the year with a few opening before Christmas. This is big news for the local startup who just three years ago bought her first building. The loss of competition with the NeoNET colapse and the countries being kicked out seem to have been beneficial to her. Jeanne is also stating that she is releasing a new wireless speaker that can rival those of professional stadium speakers for a fraction of the price. We will be reviewing these speakers in the next few weeks as well. So stay tuned for that review.

Nox not who People Think She is?

November 22nd, 2079

There are rumers spreading around the warrens that the women known as Nox is not who people think. Accourding to sources this rumor started not but a few days after the explosion at her facility. It started gaining ground after our release about FANTOM being rumored as the ones who killed the artist formerlly known as Knighted Ice. We have tried reaching out to Nox and have not heard back from her for comment. Some of the local bar owners have admitted that She does not seem like the type of person you would want to mess with. None of the bar owners will comment on the rumors though, which seems to add credence to it.


FANTOM Organization Behind Artist's Death?

November 13th, 2079

As many of you know the last artist hired to make the zebulon memorial was arrested under suspicions of treason was murdered in his hotel room. Rumors have been floating around that he was murdered by an organization that he is also rumored to have been tied to, FANTOM. ZDF will not comment on any of these rumors, although word from some anonymous sources say that they are public enemy number one with the force. Only time will tell if this is the case. We will continue to watch for raids on buildings.

The Hunt For a New Artist

November 8th, 2079

After the death and investigation of the last artist, Ghostwalker is looking for a new one. He has ZDF checking all applicants with not just a background check but also what seems to be an indepth search of their lives. Ghostwalker doesn't want to take any risks with the artist this time. Some have begun to wonder how come this wasn't done the first time, and if it was how did they miss what was later uncovered. That is information we will probably never learn about.

Explosion in the Warrens

November 3rd, 2079

Reports are coming in that there was a massive explosion in the warrens yesterday. The current report from the Denver Fire and Rescue (DFR) is that it was a gas leak, although they are still looking for the source of the ignition itself to see if it may have been an act of arson. If it is this would be devastating news to the locals as the owner of the facility has been employing many of the worse off in the warrens and helping them get the money to not only get a SIN but also move out into the city. If anyone has any information they are encourged to call the ZDF at FRZ-1ZDF.

Artist Found Dead in Hotel Room

November 2nd, 2079

Knighted Ice was found dead in his hotel room today, it seems to be a targeted attack. ZDF is currently looking into the possablity that he was killed for being arrested and compromised from whatever plan he was working on. This has caused ZDF and the FRFZ government to go on high alert when picking a new artist for the memorial. Ghostwalker says he is not terrbily concerned and is confident in ZDFs ability to catch this extremist group

Knighted Ice released

October 31st, 2079

Knighted Ice was released from ZDF custody today, They are saying that he is still under investigation however they can no longer hold him. He has been given, under court order, a request to not leave town until he is no longer a suspect. This comes only 24 hours after they took him into custody yesterday. We will continue to watch this situation and update you on anything going on with it.

Zebulon Memorial Artist Under Investigation

Knighted Ice, the artist hired to design the Zebulon memorial, was taken in to custody today. ZDF is investigating how possible connection to an extremist group that is gaining ground, called fantom. Currently the ZDF do not think that they will be able to take down the organization with this investigation, but they say it is a step in the right direction. We will continue to watch the situation and report back on anything going on

New Statue Commissioned Downtown

Ghostwalker has commissioned a new statue be made downtown, it will be of the late Zebulon to serve as a memorial icon for her. The artist comisioned for the job is a new artist going by the name of Knighted Ice. The human is from Great Britian and is given credit for several new statues in london over the last few years. We can't wait to see what he creates for the downtown area.